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Web design & branding specialists in Bradford, Fab Media understand’s that an amazing website doesn’t just have to look great, It needs to be functional whilst serving a purpose taking into consideration other factors such as usability, the customers journey, goals, objectives and target market.

We produce aesthetically pleasing websites with a focus on generating leads and conversions that have a smooth user flow and are lightening fast, hosted on our google cloud servers.

Web design agency Bradford

Fab Media work with a mixture of startups and SME’s across all sectors in Bradford, Yorkshire & nationwide.

We build bespoke websites and e-commerce stores, creating seo strategies and digital marketing strategies that drives traffic to your website.This helps by generating more leads in front of the right people and creating brands that users love and remember.

We offer competitive rates, great communication, transparency and trust. With 110% commitment to your business delivering you brilliant results along with head turning designs.

Working closely with your business we thoroughly research your industry getting to know and understand who your target audience are, who your competitors are and what your customers online habits are.

Want to know more?

Whether you’re based in Bradford, surrounding areas of Yorkshire or nationwide we love to see businesses grow.

Call us on 01484 612 569 email hello@fabmedia.co.uk or start a live chat by hitting the button below. 

Web design specialists Bradford

Any successful website starts with a detailed structured plan.

We meet for a coffee, listen to your project goals and what you are trying to achieve. Meaning we gain a better understanding of your business so we can help you create your vision.

Extensive research helps us to get to know your industry inside out, what’s trending, who your competitors are in Bradford, surrounding areas and what your target audience’s online browsing habits are.

WordPress web design Bradford

Looking for a WordPress website in Bradford?

WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system (and our favourite too) with over 455 million live active websites meaning they have a market share of 35% of all websites around the world.

We create stunning custom designs from scratch, we don’t use templates, so that you can guarantee your website will be unique. Making sure it is built for your specific needs and goals that are cost effective, featuring user friendly designs.

All our WordPress websites are hosted on our own super fast google cloud based servers. This ensures fast load times, built with clean code and search engine optimised to give you a head start in tackling google rankings.

E-commerce web design Bradford

Building you a successful online e-commerce website in Bradford.

With our wealth of knowledge in creating e-commerce websites. We make sure we get it right the first time.

Our detailed planning on the user experience, defines how visitors will find your digital store, interact with the website, finding products and creating a smooth checkout process. This ensures a great user experience and will maximise conversions while also delivering a great visitor experience. This is where many online stores fail and unfortunately send customers to their competitors.

E-commerce web design for mobile Bradford

Any Bradford based business website and e-commerce store needs to have a mobile friendly and responsive website.

Mobile phone users in UK spend 25 billion pounds a year using their smartphones, a total of 87% of UK retail purchases are now made online, as opposed to traditional shopping methods. This is why mobile first development matters and the reason you need to make sure that the mobile browsing is as smooth and efficient as possible.

Online shoppers have a short attention span. Expectations are for things to work fast and easily, with one click buying and checkouts. Not having to spend a great amount of time in the ordering process.

E-commerce website speed matters

Is your Bradford based e-commerce store optimised for speed and google?

Having a fast e-commerce website that loads fast and is properly optimised, makes the shopping experience as simple as possible across all platforms. Especially for mobile usage it is fundamental in helping reduce bounce rates and cart abandonment rates. This creates users to get bored and move to different competitors websites meaning you lose out on sales.

All our websites are hosted on our lightening fast google cloud servers ensuring fast load times between 1-3 seconds and no downtime for your website. Creating an amazing online shopping experience for the users.

Driving traffic and customers to your ecommerce website Bradford

Once the website is live how will customers find your store if they are based in Bradford and nationwide?

After the website has been designed, developed and tested its time to focus your attention at driving traffic and getting your target audience to visit your website. We use various digital marketing channels to make this happen and we can advise on the different routes and options to suit your requirements and budget. This can be done in-house or we can manage these activities on your behalf.

Below is a selection of the main digital marketing options we use:

Organic Seo – Driving lots of traffic and helping you get found on google and other search engines by appearing high in the search results.

Retargeting – Retargeting people who have shown interest in products from visiting your website and retarget them via google and Facebook.

Abandoned cart recovery – People leave things in their carts for many reasons, luckily we can get in touch with them to give them a little reminder.

Building an email database – Keeping in constant contact with your customers builds loyalty and also lets us create custom audiences when targeting Facebook ads.

PPC Advertising – Google and Facebook lets you target your specific audience with ads based on peoples shopping habits, location, age, income, hobbies and interests enabling you to be in control of who see’s your adverts and not wasting money on badly managed ads.

Google Shopping – Promote your products directly through google shopping and drive quality traffic to your website whilst increasing sales.

Search engine optimisation Bradford

Looking to increase high quality leads and enquiries?
Looking to increase product sales?
Looking to maximise returns on advertising?

Getting you found in Bradford online searches.

Fab Media can help you create a strong seo and marketing strategy that will boost web traffic to your website, optimise conversions and increase sales that fits in with your budget.

We help improve local and national business rankings on google and other search engines helping you be more visible online. This also helps to get noticed above your competitors whilst also creating winning ad campaigns on Facebook and Google that increase your ROI on ad spending.

Local SEO Bradford -
Get noticed in your local area

Making your brand more visible in the local area through organic searches will generate more traffic to your website and increase enquiries, leads, sales and income.

If you are a business only offering your services in a specified local area, then you need local seo, to help find prospective customers that are close to you.

We can help you with:

• Getting on the first page of google for selected areas

• Finding and using relevant keywords that customers are searching for

• Top 3 google my business rankings

• Getting more sales enquiries and telephone calls

• Increasing traffic to your website

• Generating a higher revenue

• Building trust in the local area

• Improving website content and optimisation

• Identify new opportunities to reach untapped customers

Organic SEO Bradford

Creating a better online presence through organic seo and rankings is vitally important in any successful business model, we bring high quality customers to your website.

It’s a long term cost-effective strategy that if done correctly, will drive high volumes of traffic to your website, whilst keeping those potential customers away from your competitors.

We can help you with:

• Keyword research and analysis find out what your target customers are searching for.

• SEO optimised website making sure your website is google friendly.

• Keyword rich article and blog writing.

• Website analytics and reporting so you know who is visiting your website and how they are doing so.

• More sale enquiries.

• Boosting traffic to your website.

• Generating more revenue.

• Building trust on google and other search engines.

• Identify new opportunities to reach new customers.

Digital marketing Bradford

We create tailored digital marketing solutions to fit in with your business, find you customers and help you achieve your goals. We are honest, transparent while delivering a personal and passionate approach for any business whether its a small start up, SME or national company.

We believe that every business needs a unique approach to their digital marketing strategy with a mixture of different approaches to help them achieve their goals.

If you are starting from scratch or expanding your current business it is essential that there is a great marketing strategy and plan in place.

We offer various digital marketing services that include:

• Pay per click advertising on Facebook and Google.

• Social Media Marketing.

• Google Shopping.

• Email Marketing.

• Google Analytics setup, audit and reporting.

• Copywriting Services.

• Creative Content Campaigns 

How we can help

From planning, branding and delivering for a new start up business to updating an existing website, refreshing your branding, we have you covered and we love to see businesses grow.

If you need to generate more leads, enquiries and increase sales we have the experience to help you create an amazing strategy. Have a chat with us and we can discuss strategies that will help you achieve your goals.

Contact Fab Media by hitting the button below, email hello@fabmedia.co.uk or call 01484 612569.

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