3 x monthly turnover & 6000 email database creation for Huddersfield Pick n Mix Sweet shop


Honey Bee Sweet Shop was a pick n mix sweet shop delivery service who wanted to build an online store while offering delivery to customers further than the local area of Huddersfield and being able to offer their sweets nationwide in the UK while automating their online ordering system.

The Brief

To establish an online presence & identity with a new user friendly website which was easy to navigate and create an online order of pick n mix sweets from their wide range of over 500 varieties of different sweet along with building an email database of customers and sweet enthusiasts.

Our Approach

Our first stage of the project was to create a user friendly e-commerce website and develop an online ordering system that displayed the huge variety of sweets on offer in an easy to use display, researching various other pick n mix online stores we discussed their strengths & weakness with the client and realised that most of the online store’s became hard to navigate and a little confusing when choosing lots of varieties of sweets so we created a streamlined 3 stage ordering process using large images of the sweet varieties to make the ordering process as visual and user friendly as possible.

Once the e-commerce store was built, the online ordering & delivery system was created we began to look at how to create an email database of regular and potential customers. As the website’s target audience was aimed at sweet lovers and an age group of between 25-55 year olds we wanted to create something fun and enable for a wide age range.

Rather than have a standard email/newsletter form or an annoying pop up, we created a roulette wheel that offered freebies & discount codes as prizes that could be used on the online stores checkout, users could play at choice rather than have it automatically pop up and possibly annoy the user storing them in an CRM and creating segmented lists.

We soon realised this worked very well for the clients target audience and the email database started to fill up very quickly, we organised the emails collected along with abandoned cart orders, and customers who had purchased into different categories so we could target them in future email campaigns and offers.


Creating an email database of over 6000 potential and regular customer in under 12 months who would receive weekly email campaigns, offering discount codes, flash sales, new product releases and general store info.

3x monthly turnover

A segmented email list categorised into specific category’s from VIP customers, regular customers, one off purchases to abandoned cart orders and people who visited the site but had never purchased enabling the client to create targeted email campaigns and offering specific deals and offers that would appeal to the email category.

UK Nationwide customer base

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