7 reasons why your websites not getting traffic – SEO

7 reasons why your website is not getting traffic - SEO

Why is my website not getting any traffic?

Using SEO and digital marketing to maximise your website traffic- Like other business owners, you may have spent a lot of time and money building your website. But a few months or year, you are getting expected sales or conversions. This is because your website doesn’t match what your customer’s needs, wants, and expectations or your site has technical issues. But still, the question remains. What is the reason behind your poor traffic website?

Let’s take a look at some reasons why your website is not getting traffic.

Reason # 1 – Using the Wrong SEO Tactics

When it comes to driving organic traffic on the website, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plays a vital role. Ignoring SEO or implementing wrong practices is one of the best reasons why your website is not getting any traffic. So, try to implement some SEO best practices with different factors, including installing an SEO plugin, setting up an XML sitemap and optimizing your content for keyword search terms. All of these factors will help prioritize good user experience, creating high-quality content and driving good traffic to your site.

Reason # 2 – Your Website’s Speed Is Slow

A detailed seo audit and study will show various issues with website speed, Slow website is one of the common reasons why you are not getting expected traffic on your website. It has been studied that slow load times can have a significant impact on page rejection. Slow load times of website not only repel visitors but also they can impact your search engine rankings. So, if you are frustrating with no traffic on your website, check your website’s speed first. If you find your website’s loading speed is low, hire a reputable web development company.

Reason # 3 – You Are Targeting Popular Keywords

There is no denying that keywords play a vital role in search engine rankings. However, if you are not getting any traffic to your website, using high competitive keywords might be one reason. There are two factors why your high competitive keywords low your website’s search engine ranking.

Factor# 1 – In the first page of the SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Pages), you will find only ten places for every keyword. Digital marketing tries to show in those places pages from trusted websites that meet their ranking criteria. It doesn’t matter your website is new or old; however, if it is less trusted than others, it will not be shown in the first pages.

Factor# 2 – the competition for popular keywords is very high so targeting popular keywords means it is challenging to get a good ranking. So, how to get traffic? The answer is a long tail and low competition keywords.

For example:

If you use “How to lose 5 pounds quickly” instead of “How to lose weight fast”, your chances of ranking in the first page, resulting in it drive a lot of relevant traffic on your website.

Increasing website traffic - seo

Reason # 4 – Your Website’s User Experience Is Horrible

Your website’s UX might be a reason if you are not consistently getting website traffic. No matter how great your content is, if your site is not user-friendly, no visitors want to visit it. Confusing or poorly organized navigation can make it complicated for a user to find what they need. Websites that don’t look good, loads too slowly or is not easily accessible on mobile devices can frustrate visitors and tend to them for leaving the site without purchasing your products and services. So, make sure your website is user friendly, and you can hire a reputable website design company in Huddersfield for professional site design services.

Reason # 5 – Your Backlink Portfolio Is Stuck

Backlinks play a vital role in site authority. So, if you have a lot of quality links, you will look like an authority. However, many people do backlinks wrong, and automatically your website might get less traffic. So, make sure you avoid buying links and getting link non-organically or from spammy sites if you want to improve your backlinks portfolio. Building a backlink portfolio in another way instead of producing great content will hurt your ranking and even not help in your traffic. So, make sure you have good backlinks, and you can use Aherfs, SpyFu and Majestic SEO backlink tools for improving them.

Reason # 6 – You Are Not Promoting Your Website

Another reason you are not getting any website traffic is that you are not promoting your site. It is a bitter truth of local online business that people won’t come just because you built it. You have to let them know your business is there and even help them find it when they are looking for your products or services. In addition to search engine optimization, there are many ways to promote your websites like social media, branding, email and Pay-per-Click.

Reason # 7 – Your Social Media Presence Is Practically Non-Existent

Getting a lot of traffic is not all about Google and SEO anymore. Over the years, social media has become a big part of traffic generation. If you have a significant presence with your social communities like Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, you will result in hundreds of website visitors. Instead of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, you can use Reddit for getting a lot of visitors on your sites.

The Bottom Line!

So, hopefully, you have now understood the main reasons for not getting proper website traffic. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly, responsive and user-friendly if you want to improve your conversion and sales. For that, you can hire Huddersfield web designers for professional graphic design and web development services so that you don’t have to face issues with your traffic due to website design and performance.

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