9 tips, Maximising average orders on your ecommerce website

ecommerce website designing maximising your order value for your online website

Looking to boost orders on your ecommerce website?

Having an ecommerce website is paramount in the digital age of shopping, As an online business owner, there will come a time when your online site will receive less traffic than usual, and your sales will stagnate. This is that time when you will do a quick Google search to look for “digital marketing agency in Leeds”, “local website designer”, or “e-commerce services” to revitalise your online business.  

If this is where you are today, looking for ways to maximise your average orders, continue reading. In this blog, we have listed the best ecommerce services which will shoot up your orders and boost your cash flows.    

1 – Show savings with bulk orders 

All customers love saving money, and ordering in bulk might make them feel guilty. You can save them from this guilt by displaying their overall savings. This will further push them down the sales pipeline and prevent them from removing items from their carts. You, on the other hand, will increase your average orders.   

2 – Seamless ecommerce website design  

If your website is full of complex elements, your site visitors (and your potential customers) are going to have a tough time navigating. They might even abandon your site and jump ships. As an ecommerce development company, we can help you simplify your ecommerce website design for your visitors. Our ecommerce web design experts can redesign your website to ensure a better, smoother experience for new customers and recurring customers alike, which will result in an influx of orders.

3 – Give offers to first-time customers 

This is another one of the ecommerce solutions that you should make use of. Giving one-time discounts to new customers will increase your average order value. You can give away discounts when your customers go for bundle deals or buy your popular products. If they love your products, they will be enticed to return and convert into repeat customers. 

4 – Provide gift cards

Even small giveaways can go a long way in maximising your average orders. You can provide a valid gift card with an expiration date that can be used on the next purchase. Customers, in a rush to use the card, will be more likely to spend again. That is just how consumer behaviour works. Make sure that you inform the customers that the card can be used only on the next purchases and not the current one. Gift cards would also save your future ad spend.  

5 – Cross-selling and upselling

Another ecommerce solution that you can turn to is cross-selling. Increasing sales do mean attracting more new customers but selling more products/services to your present customers. This will naturally translate into more sales and revenue. This is what the industry people call ‘cross-selling.’ A smart cross-selling strategy would be offering customers products that complement the ones that they are interested in or have bought already. Upselling, on the other hand, means offering your customers another similar, but a higher-priced, product than what they are currently buying. 

6 – Point out the popular products

When shopping, customers are more likely to go for the ‘tried and tested’ a.k.a what’s popular. You can use this ‘bandwagon effect’ to your advantage. Labelling products as “recommended by” or “bestseller” can do a great job at influencing your consumers’ purchasing decisions. Customers believe that a most-opted-for product is worth giving a try. Therefore, heavily advertising and promoting popular products/services will be beneficial for you.

Ecommerce website - 9 Tips on maximising average order value

7 – Your advertisement and landing page should be amazing  

One of the most effective and efficient ecommerce website solutions to skyrocketing your sales is to make sure your ad and landing page(s) correlate. This will encourage customers to sign up and buy products. Firstly, the layout and colour palette of your advertisement should match with the colours and layout of your website. Secondly, the message being delivered should also be similar. This will increase your conversion rates as visitors would not feel double-crossed by your advertisement. 

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8 – Offer a free shipping threshold 

Shipping prices are often a letdown for your potential customers. So if you want to maximise your average orders, you can start by providing free shipping when customers shop above a certain threshold amount. As a rule of thumb, add 30 percent to your average order value, and the new amount should be your threshold. Studies revealed a 30 percent increase in average orders when marketers used this strategy. Today, every digital marketing agency in Leeds believes this to be one of the best ecommerce website solutions. 

9 – Attract them with bundle deals   

Offering deals such as ‘buy two get one free’ is bound to skyrocket your average orders. If you are planning to add free items with a bulk purchase, then make sure that it has no impact on your product margins and you can cover the costs to avoid losses.   

Fab Media can help you implement the best ecommerce website strategies

Are you looking for the best e-commerce solutions to increase your average orders? Fab Media is here to put your search to rest. We are an e-commerce development company near Leeds, providing customised e-commerce services to tackle your unique business problems. We specialise in ecommerce website design and make user-friendly websites to ensure smoother user experience. Our other services include graphic design, branding, SEO, and website maintenance. So, pick up the phone and dial 01484 612 569 or drop us a mail at hello@fabmedia.co.uk to give your Leeds business the boost it needs to overtake the competition.

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